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We are Now Closed For Xmas-New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our four legged friends and their families. We are now closed for the Xmas-New Year period. Our office will re-open on Monday 9 January. Please go to our timetables page to download our January timetables and enrol or send an enquiry through our contact page. You may also call and […]

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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Some dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone although it can come in many forms. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety behavioural problem may become stressed, nervous and insecure, and as a result may bark, chew, whine, howl, dig, cry, defecate, urinate, salivate, scratch at the door or become hyper– active. It can be a chronic […]

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Contrary to what you might have been told, it is quite necessary to start training your puppy soon after you bring it home. However, it is not training in the accepted sense of the word. It is more like playing with the pup utilising toys and treats and should be a pleasant experience for both […]

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Canine Communication – Do You Know What Your Dog Is Saying To You?

  Understanding how dogs communicate is paramount in the human–dog relationship. Without this knowledge, dog owners will consistently misinterpret their dog’s behaviour and consequently send confusing signals to them. This can lead to a stressed dog, as it doesn’t fully understand what its owner wants of it. The best place to learn about canine communication […]

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How To Be Your Dog’s Pack Leader

DO you sometimes wonder why your dog jumps up on you, family or friends even though you have told it not to? Does your dog bark to be let in or bark at you when told off? Do you allow your dog to sleep on the bed, couch, or wherever it wants? Does your dog […]

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Training Your Family Dog

Training Your Family Dog We all love our dogs, and our dogs love to feel like they are really part of our family. To achieve this, proper training is required, which can be daunting for some which is where a qualified and dedicated dog trainer can step in to help. But we’ve also included four […]

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Loki with Queen Vic Head head gear

How Safe Is Your Puppy?

Hi all. I’d like to share one of my Melbourne dog training client’s recent experience with her young dog and a lithium battery. Her dog was very lucky and survived of which we are all grateful. Please be vigilant so this doesn’t happen to you! “Hi Basil, I just thought I should let you know that […]

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Basic Obedience Graduates DogZone Basil's class August 2016

Basic Obedience Graduates at Richmond Venue

Just one of our many graduate classes Basic Obedience Program. These graduates trained at our Richmond venue at DogZone. Left to right are: David and Odin, Vicki and Scooter, Mark and Gemma, Maidie and Samson, Aviv and Milo. Congratulations all. More info at

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