Agility & Obstacle Dog Training Courses

(Available at all venues )

Stay tuned for the opening of our new indoor fully climate controlled facility in Abbotsford soon. 

This is a fun way to exercise your dog and yourself for that matter. If your dog loves to run, jump weave, retrieve, then
this is the class for you. Handlers are taught step by step throughout our various levels, the proper use of each piece of equipment. Once both handler and dog has mastered this, increased pace is introduced.  advanced-dog-training-melbourne-classes8

Dog Training Courses

Agility training commences at Intermediate Level One where handlers are taught correctly, the basic pieces of equipment. This consists of High Jumps, Broad Jumps, Basic Weaving Poles, Small Hurdle and correct use of the Fly-Ball. At Intermediate Level Two, the dogs are taught the same pieces but off lead. New exercises consist of the Basic Tunnel, Basic Spread Hurdle, Dog Walk at low height and Tyre Jump.

At Advanced Level One Dog Training Course, handlers begin to train off lead, on each of the pieces they have learnt from previous levels. New equipment is introduced consisting of the Adjustable ‘A’ Frame, Collapsible Tunnel and See-Saw. By Advanced Level Two, handlers will be proficient in all pieces of equipment and may commence Time-Precision Trials at the school.

advanced-dog-training-melbourne-classes6  weaving


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