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This is our most popular dog obedience training course in Melbourne for the pet dog owner which runs for eight 45 min sessions over eight weeks with guaranteed results. In this course, you will be able to achieve a fundamental level of control with your dog. You will learn to communicate effectively with your puppy/dog and thus create a greater bond with it. Socialisation and sociability training is integral to our social dog training program.


8 x 50 min lessons – from $ 380.00

Our Courses are fully guaranteed

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Unlike the adhoc classes run at other clubs or schools, all our courses are structured. Each week you will be taught a series of new exercises, which you will need to practice each day to become proficient. In this manner you will achieve clear objectives in your training, through simple yet effective means. Class size allows a maximum of only ten people. This ensures that each person is given individual help with their problems and exercises. Also, dog owners are taught by the same Instructor each week.

What you and your dog will learn: Heel on lead, Social Walking, Sit at Heel, Drop on command with hand signal, Sit and Drop Stay at 3 metres distance, Recall (come when called), sociability exercises including “meet n greet” and much more.
Behavioural problems such as the dog jumping on people, digging holes, pulling clothes off the washing line will also be dealt with throughout the program. Furthermore if your dog is timid, nervous or anxious, you will be advised and taught how to deal with these problems.

If you wish to enrol your dog in one of our 8 Week Basic Obedience Courses, please telephone our office on 03 9877 6522 for a list of times and enrolment form to be sent or download these times from our Timetables Menu. Classes are held Saturdays and Wednesday evenings. Please be aware that children must be at least 12 years of age to participate (with parental supervision) although they may attend as observers with their parent. (See Terms and Conditions on Enrollment Form)


NOTE: Minimum age of dog must be 16 weeks old for this particular course and must be immunised. No Refunds Given under any circumstances



If you enrol two or more dogs at the same time in this program, a 5% discount applies to all dogs. (Not applicable to Value Packages or VIP memberships)


Course Completion:

At the conclusion of this course you will be assessed to receive the “Proficiency Certificate”. This allows you to go onto Intermediate & Advanced classes if you desire.

State Government Approved Obedience Tester

Command Dog Training School is a member of the AAPDT (Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc). This association has been approved by the Victorian State Government to allow its accredited members to conduct obedience tests, for members of the public to receive discounted dog registration. All CDTS students who complete a Basic Obedience Course, have the option to be assessed for this certificate. The fee for this is $ 30.00.

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Bookings and Refunds

Bookings will not be held unless payment made prior to course commencement.

No Refunds under any circumstances. We will not refund any portion of fees under any circumstances including if you have a change‐of‐mind and/or return your dog to a shelter, breeder or due to COVID‐19 Lock-downs. However, we will provide you credit for any unused portion towards another course. We will not transfer any unused portion to private or home training sessions. If lock-down occurs and we must suspend classes, your course will resume at the same session (week) it was suspended on.

Please note: We do require a minimum of five handlers to commence a course and we reserve the right to change class start dates and times up to 4 weeks if insufficient bookings. If this occurs you will be advised.

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