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Command Dog Training School

Command Dog Training School (CDTS) is one of the largest and most respected professional dog training companies in Melbourne. It is often recommended as the school of choice by veterinarians, local councils, pet shops and other pet industry businesses. Established in 1989, the school has won numerous awards for its outstanding customer service. This success has been achieved through honesty, fairness, commitment to best practices in training methods, customer focus and continuous self improvement.

They say that the best asset a company can have is its staff

This rings very true at CDTS. Our Instructors are ardent in their work which is reflected in the high standards achieved by dog owners and of course, their dogs. The school’s instructors are qualified and nationally accredited by Australia’s leading industry bodies, AAPDT (Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers Inc) and DTA  (Dog Trainers Australia). 

Unlike many other so-called dog trainers of today who claim they are behaviourists after doing a short course in dog training, CDTS Instructors are all experienced hands-on trainers who have been selected by Basil Theofanides (Training Director and Owner) to join the school as Instructors.

Our Training philosophy & Methods

There is a wealth of dog training methods, theories and equipment. New technologies and advances in behavioural science offer an enormous number of adaptations and choices.

Opinions vary on the way we treat and train animals and to what degree we use rewards and corrections in the training process. As a professional dog training school we incorporate only the best practices in the industry.

The dog training community is pretty much polarized into two separate camps, that is, the “Totally Positive Trainers” and their more “Traditional” counterparts.

The Totally Positive Trainers (TPT) assert that all behaviour modification and training can be managed or eventually overcome by using only purely positive methods (e.g food). They often believe the Traditional trainer’s use of correctives or aversives as being abusive and imply that anyone not using totally positive methods must be using heavy-handed domination. Many of their techniques are marketed as being modern solutions to training and problem-solving. The question is: if dog training can be accomplished using only purely positive methods, why use any other methods?

On the other side of the spectrum, the Traditional trainers contend that a dog cannot totally understand the reward-based system without occasionally using a correction for unacceptable behaviour at some time during training. A segment of them still focus on correction or purely compulsive based methods and does not use positive motivation such as food. Their methods are based in heavy-handed domination and punitive focus.

Eclectic Training (employed by CDTS trainers and instructors).

Unlike food trainers or compulsive-based ones, the Eclectic Method does not limit or stifle the trainer’s ability to apply a wide variety of techniques to suit both owner & dog. Eclectic trainers believe they need to be able to call on a wide range of techniques and equipment to aid in dog training. These open-minded traditionalists also employ many of the same techniques that the TPT use. They believe that rewarding good behaviour, while ignoring undesirable behaviour has merit and value, but it does not work for every dog in every situation.

Moreover, balanced Eclectic Trainers believe in being able to apply all techniques based on individual needs. Balanced training embraces positive motivation, appropriate rewards and knowledgeable use of aversives and correction. It allows the flexibility of using both positive and negative reinforcements and balancing the two factors in such a way that will emphasize helping the dog learn and retain the required lessons.

Dogs like people are diverse in character. What works for one dog may not necessarily work for another. CDTS understands this which is why it utilizes this balanced approach.

why Command Dog Training School is the right choice

Discounts for
multiple dogs

Small groups with qualified and experienced Instructors

Courses fully guaranteed

Free make-up lessons for any missed

Structured programs

Discounts for
multiple dogs

Small groups with qualified and experienced Instructors

Courses fully guaranteed

Free make-up lessons for any missed

Structured programs

“I am passionate about my work and take it personally if a customer is not happy with our service. When I first started the concept of Command Dog Training School over 30 years ago, my mission was to provide high quality training programs to dog owners across Melbourne by employing and training only the best trainers in the industry. Moreover, the school had to be customer service oriented and become a leader in the industry. Having said that, I am proud to say, my mission has been achieved. However, this doesn’t mean we will rest on our laurels. Our school will continue to forge its way in this ever-growing industry to ensure you the dog owning public always has a reliable, trustworthy and safe dog training company to service your needs”.
Basil Theofanides
Training Director and Owner

Our Locations

We provide puppy & dog training classes in Burwood East,  Albert Park, Oakleigh East and opening June 2020 NEW INDOOR FACILITY ABBOTSFORD. Check out our locations in the maps below.

Central Venue

Gasworks Park
Cnr: Pickles Street & Graham Street Albert Park

East Venue

Blackburn English Language School Cnr: Bonview Cres & Eley Road, Burwood East

CBD & Abbotsford Venue

Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare, 47 Church Street, Abbotsford


Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare, 25 Terra Cotta Dr, Blackburn VIC 3130

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