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Basic Obedience Course in melbourne

Unlike the adhoc classes run at other clubs or schools, all our courses are structured. Each week you will be taught a series of new exercises, which you will need to practice each day to become proficient. In this manner you will achieve clear objectives in your training, through simple yet effective means. Class size allows a maximum of only ten people. This ensures that each person is given individual help with their problems and exercises. Also, dog owners are taught by the same Instructor each week.

Please be aware that children must be at least 12 years of age to participate (with parental supervision) although they may attend as observers with their parent. (See Terms and Conditions on Enrollment Form)

why Command Dog Training School is the right choice

Discounts for
multiple dogs

Small groups with qualified and experienced Instructors

Courses fully guaranteed

Free make-up lessons for any missed

Structured programs

Discounts for
multiple dogs

Small groups with qualified and experienced Instructors

Courses fully guaranteed

Free make-up lessons for any missed

Structured programs

why Command Dog Training School is the right choice

Discounts for multiple dogs

Small groups with qualified and experienced Instructors

Courses fully guaranteed & Structured programs

Free make-up lessons for any missed


This is our most popular dog obedience training course in Melbourne for the pet dog owner which runs for eight 50 min sessions over eight weeks with guaranteed results. In this course, you will be able to achieve a fundamental level of control with your dog. You will learn to communicate effectively with your puppy/dog and thus create a greater bond with it. Socialisation and sociability training is integral to our social dog training program.

Value Packages For Dog Training

Why not get the most out of your pup by investing in a Puppy Training Package which includes our renowned Kindergarten Puppy Training Course and when the pup’s older our Basic Obedience Course.

What you and your dog will learn:

Heel on lead, Social Walking, Sit at Heel, Drop on command, Sit and Drop Stay, Recall (come when called), sociability exercises including “meet n greet” and much more.

Behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, the dog jumping on people, digging holes, pulling clothes off the washing line will also be dealt with throughout the program. Furthermore if your dog is timid, nervous or anxious, you will be advised and taught how to deal with these problems.

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At the conclusion of this course you will be assessed to receive the “Proficiency Certificate”. This allows you to go onto Intermediate & Advanced classes if you desire.


If you enrol two or more dogs at the same time in this program, a 5% discount applies to all dogs. (Not applicable to Value Packages or VIP memberships)

If you wish to enrol your dog in one of our 8 Week Basic Obedience Courses, please telephone our office on 03 9877 6522 for a list of times and enrolment form to be sent or download these times from our Timetables Menu.

Classes are held Saturdays and Wednesday evenings.

At the conclusion of this course you will be assessed to receive the “Proficiency Certificate”. This allows you to go onto Intermediate & Advanced classes if you desire.

Please bring the following to class:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog bark all the time and how do I stop it?

This is a common problem in dogs, that in most cases can be simply fixed. Incessant barking can be a product of:

    1. A dog that is bored.
    2. An untrained dog.
    3. An unexercised dog.
    4. A dog suffering separation anxiety.

If your dog fits any or all of the first 3 categories, then the problem can usually be addressed in a fairly straightforward manner. If however, your dog is suffering separation anxiety, a more detailed approach needs to be undertaken to solve the problem.

A dog is usually bored if it is left in the back yard all the time with minimal contact of family members. Furthermore, boredom can be exacerbated by not walking the dog daily to stimulate it outside its home environment.

To aid in solving the problem, dog owners should ensure the dog is given daily walks and exercise. Bringing the dog inside the house to spend quality time with the family and training it in obedience, will aid considerably, to stop the barking behaviour.

For further details contact our Home Training Service on 03 9877 6522 during business hours.

My dog jumps up on me when I come home from work. How do I stop it?

When a dog jumps up on its owner, it is usually a greeting that has been allowed to develop over the years, unwittingly by the owner.

For example, if the dog has been allowed in the past to jump up for a pat or greeting, then this has imprinted as a normal behaviour pattern in the dog’s mind. Furthermore, if some members of the household encourage the behaviour yet others do not, it will confuse the dog to no end. If the dog does not effectively respond to commands by the owner, obedience training must also be considered to help solve the problem.

To aid in solving the jumping dog problem, never praise or give reward to the dog if it jumps. When you arrive home, ignore it. Do not immediately go out to greet it when it is hyped up. If it does jump, turn away and go inside. By doing so, the dog will learn that its companionship with you ceases, as a consequence of its actions. However, if the problem continues, seek the help of our qualified trainers through our Home Training Service.

Telephone our office on 03 9877 6522 during business hours.

My dog digs holes in the garden. How do I stop it?

Once again, this is a sign of a bored dog. As mentioned with the incessant barking problem, you need to ensure the dog is walked and exercised daily, obedience trained and allowed to spend time in the house with the owners. However, some dogs, such as Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies or Golden Retrievers, may dig a hole for themselves to lie in. This is a natural trait in some dogs, as it helps them to keep cool during the warm weather.

A little trick you might try in solving this problem, is to bury your dog’s faeces in the hole it digs. This, in most cases, will create an unpleasant association with the hole digging and hopefully cure the problem. Moreover, if the dog has a tendency to bury bones, ensure you remove the bone from the environment once the dog has stopped chewing it.

There are many ways to solve problem behaviour. However, because dog’s are diverse in character just as people, it is important to always consider your dog’s temperament before embarking on a course of remedial training. Command Dog Training School’s Instructors are able to assess this and advise you on the best methods to suit your pet.

If a problem seems insurmountable, ring Command Dog Training School and find out how our many services can help solve your problems.

Telephone our office on 03 9877 6522 for further information.

Policies regarding refunds & bookings

No Refunds under any circumstances. We will not refund any portion of fees under any circumstances including if you have a change‐of‐mind and/or return your dog to a shelter, breeder or due to COVID‐19 Lock-downs. However, we will provide you credit for any unused portion towards another course. We will not transfer any unused portion to private or home training sessions. If lock-down occurs and we must suspend classes, your course will resume at the same session (week) it was suspended on.

Bookings will not be held unless payment made prior to course commencement.

Please note: We do require a minimum of five handlers to commence a course and we reserve the right to change class start dates and times up to 4 weeks if insufficient bookings. If this occurs you will be advised.

If you have purchased a KPT course and due to COVID-19 lockdowns your pup becomes too old for that course, we will transfer the payment as a deposit towards a Basic Obedience course with no administration costs.

our Locations

We provide puppy & dog training classes in Burwood East,  Albert Park, Oakleigh East and opening June 2020 NEW INDOOR FACILITY ABBOTSFORD. Check out our locations in the maps below.

Central Venue

Gasworks Park
Cnr: Pickles Street & Graham Street Albert Park

East Venue

Blackburn English Language School Cnr: Bonview Cres & Eley Road, Burwood East

CBD & Abbotsford Venue

Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare, 47 Church Street, Abbotsford

Oakleigh East

Amsleigh Park Primary School Dublin Street, Oakleigh East VIC 3166

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