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Do you have a destructive or disobedient dog?

Does your dog display some of the behaviours below?
Pulls on lead making it hard to walk
Jumps at dogs or people when greeted​
Won’t listen or focus on you​
Chews furniture, plants, clothing​, etc
Barks to be let in or barks at you when told off
Sleeps on the bed, couch, or wherever it wants
Runs away whenever you call him/her out​
Hard to control both inside and outside​

If the answer to more than one of these questions is yes, it probably means your dog is lacking what we call in training-terms, a “pack leader” in its life.

All dogs need one, as it is an inherent part of their life. If your dog does not perceive you the owner as being its “pack leader”, the dog as a matter of instinct, becomes it. 

In these cases, it’s important to seek professional help to resolve or prevent the issue from reoccurring.

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“Command Dog training has been an amazing experience for us!”

We tried to train our 3 month old retriever puppy ourselves but he started to dominate our household….

After a couple of sessions Command Dog Training has educated us and provided the basic foundations, and this has strengthened the relationship with our puppy in our household. We have just completed our 8-week basic dog obedience course and now going to enroll directly into the intermediate course to continue to learn.

Jonathan M.

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Understanding your dog's behaviour

The reason these behaviours occur are usually because the dog has never really been given clear guidance and direction and has progressively learnt it can get away with things. The jumping behaviours in particular, can unwittingly be created by dog owners and visitors greeting the dog with over-excitement and animation causing the dog to jump from the high stimulation it is receiving. Each time this occurs simply reinforces to the dog that it’s OK to jump.

To avoid this pitfall in dog ownership it is imperative to learn and understand clearly how to train them to be a happy member of your household (ie the human pack) that forms its family. 

Here are 3 quick tips for establishing leadership with your dog:
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#1 Communicate with your dog in a way they can understand, using hand signals & short, simple cues.

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#2 Basic Obedience Training is a must in order to create a better bond with your dog .

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#3 Control your dog’s resources. Never give a reward to your dog for the sake of it.

Giving your precious pooch all the love, affection and pampering, is not enough in its life for it to be happy. It also requires guidance, direction and consistency in all these areas by the dog owner.

Teaching your dog simple exercises such as sit, lie down, and stay will go a long way in establishing who is in charge at home.

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How can you correct your dog's behaviour?

We all love our dogs, and our dogs love to feel like they are really part of our family. To achieve this, proper training is required, which can be daunting for some which is where a qualified and dedicated dog trainer can step in to help.

Training a family dog is about consistency and commitment by dog owners. You want to make your dog part of the family so our Basic Obedience Course is a great start. Approaching training in this way ensures that bonds of love and trust are forged early, laying the groundwork for a happy, healthy, and well-behaved dog.

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Training is not merely giving commands,
it's about building a relationship and understanding between you and your dog

We recommend the same handler trains their dog at obedience classes but encourage other family members to attend and observe.

This will limit the possibility of the dog owner making common mistakes such as nagging, bribing or over-correcting. A professional trainer should be able to spot these mistakes and teach the correct way to handle a dog. 

We’re here to help with our

Basic Obedience Dog Training Course

Designed for both you and your dog to solve behavioural problems and much more! 

This is our most popular dog obedience training course in Melbourne for the pet dog owner which runs for six(6) 50 min sessions over six(6) weeks with guaranteed results.  Includes One Free Intermediate Class Session for a total of 7 sessions.

In this course, you will be able to achieve a fundamental level of control with your dog. You will learn to communicate effectively with your dog and thus create a greater bond with it.  Each week you will be taught a series of new exercises, which you will need to practice each day to become proficient. In this manner you will achieve clear objectives in your training, through simple yet effective means.

Behavioural problems such as separation anxiety, the dog jumping on people, digging holes, pulling clothes off the washing line will also be dealt with throughout the program. Furthermore if your dog is timid, nervous or anxious, you will be advised and taught how to deal with these problems.

At the end of the 6-week program, you will be able to:

Walk your dog without it pulling on lead

Have your dog focus on you with a simple command

Have your dog come back when called

Have your dog stop jumping on people and other dogs

Have your dog stop listen to your commands

Have your dog stop it's destructive behaviour

Have your dog stop it's unruliness & more

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Here's what makes our training the right choice for you and your dog

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Structured lessons and easy to follow

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Free make-up lessons for any missed

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Clear outcomes at each session

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Fun for you and your dog

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33+ years experience

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Over 10,000+ dogs trained

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10+ Qualified and experienced Instructors

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4 training locations across Melbourne

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Hear from some of our students and their experiences!

Katie S and Leo
Jess was amazing and super helpful with every question I asked! I couldn’t be happier with the service she provided and guidance she gave us with our first puppy.
Angela W and Gus
Lisa has been fantastic. Supportive, encouraging and I have loved all her tips. One of the main concerns was to find a training school that was small, structured and caring.
Brigid D and Linda
Every session was great and I really appreciated one session being cancelled due to the horrible weather. All fabulous.

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If you’re currently unsure of how to approach your need for puppy training, obedience classes or support towards a specific issue, please do not hesitate contact us on 03 9877 6522

Alternatively, fill out the form and grab a copy of our program brochure to learn what’s included, how many sessions and the cost, and one of our friendly team will be in contact with you to discuss your next steps.

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