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Christmas / New Year Hours

Our office will be closed from Saturday 30 December and reopen on Monday 8 January. You can still book by going to our Timetables menu and download the enrollment form. New Puppy classes commence from Saturday 13 January at Burwood East, Richmond and Malvern East. All other classes resume as follows: Burwood East: Wednesday evening […]

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All Saturday Classes 2 December Cancelled due to severe weather forecast

This is to confirm that due to the severe weather forecasted by the Bureau of Meteorology for Friday through to Saturday this week, we are cancelling all outdoor classes for Saturday 2 December. Affected venues are (Blackburn English Language School, Burwood East; Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park and McKinnon Secondary College, McKinnon). We are disappointed […]

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I have been prompted to write this article after a client just recently lost their rescue Labrador after he got into their garage found the snail bait before ingesting it. The active ingredient in snail bait which is harmful and can be fatal to dogs and cats is called Metaldehyde. There is no antidote to […]

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Tail chasing


Tail-chasing in dogs might seem to be a common and relatively benign factor of playful behaviour in dogs. But when done in excess, the primary causes of tail chasing often involve elements of learned behaviour or medical problems or possibly both. Dogs that were separated too early from their mothers or had poor care from […]

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Melbourne Cup Day Long Weekend

Hi all This is a courtesy reminder there are no classes running from next Saturday 4 November to Tuesday 7 November due to the Melbourne Cup Day Long Weekend. Classes will resume as normal from 8 November. Regards Basil Theofanides Command Dog Training School

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Verschiedene Rassehunde


It is absolutely vital to socialize the dog–to expose him to positive experiences with a wide variety of people, dogs, other animals, sights, sounds and places. That means babies, toddlers, teenagers, men, women, people in uniform, cats, crowds, bicycles, skateboards, shopping carts, strollers, traffic–anything he’s likely to encounter in daily life. The sooner this is […]

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Puppies-eating (1)


WHAT SHOULD I FEED MY PUPPY? When buying a puppy try to find out what the pup is used to being fed. Ask the breeder, pet shop or animal shelter to provide you with a diet sheet. Start off by feeding it similar food and make any changes gradually. A suitable diet for pups must […]

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