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Intermediate and Advanced Class Changes Indoor Venue Richmond

Hi all

Due to the enclosed space at our Richmond training venue and following social distancing guidelines, we must limit the amount of people attending Intermediate/Advanced classes to a maximum of 10.

It will be a case of either confirming your booking and pre-pay (no refunds if you are a no-show) or turn up on the day as a first-in-best-dressed situation.

EFT payment, Command Dog Training School (Vic.) Pty Ltd.  National Australia Bank BSB 083 064   Acc: 675 79 3694.  Please ensure you email the receipt to  [email protected]

I am sorry for these restrictions, but we have no choice. Moreover, we cannot add any more sessions on Sundays due to the restrictions DogZone has placed on the use of its venue. We may add a separate training session on a mid-week evening in order to break up Intermediate 1 from Intermediate 2 and Advanced. We will keep you informed if this occurs.

This change will not impact our outdoor venues where you are welcome to attend. They are as follows:


Venue Burwood East Oakleigh East Albert Park Richmond
Outdoor Yes Yes Yes No
Indoor No No No Yes
Session Day/Time Saturday 10.00 am INT 1 and 2

9.00 am ADV

(not combined)


9.00 am





10.15 am



9.00 am

INT 1/2


Session Day/Time Wednesday

7.00 pm INT 1

Int2 and ADV



8.00 pm

INT 1/2


If you have any concerns, please call me on 9877 6522 or email [email protected]


Basil Theofanides