We have many more testimonials spanning 20 years at our office if you wish to visit and review.

Katie S and Leo 25/3/19 Basic Obedience

Jess was amazing and super helpful with every question I asked! I couldn’t be happier with the service she provided and guidance she gave us with our first puppy.

Angela W and Gus 22/3/19 Basic Obedience

Lisa has been fantastic. Supportive, encouraging and I have loved all her tips. One of the main concerns was to find a training school that was small, structured and caring.

Brigid D and Linda 20/2/19 Basic Obedience

Every session was great and I really appreciated one session being cancelled due to the horrible weather. All fabulous.


Chelsey O and Walter 16/11/18  Kindergarten Puppy Training

The program was excellent! It would have been wonderful to have had more attendees but honestly this meant we had more attention so we were very happy!

Vicki G and Tilly 11/9/18 Basic Obedience

Jess was a great instructor- very enthusiastic and clear in her instructions, also with clear explanations for dogs’ behaviour in certain situations. Having an understanding of why they do what they do certainly helps in day to day interactions with them.

Jamie Q and Harley 28/8/18 Basic Obedience

My experience with Command was fantastic. From where Harley was on day one to now exceeded all my expectations. I never imagined she could or would learn all she did through this. I couldn’t be happier. The instructor Lara was friendly, patient, highly knowledgeable and professional. Plus Harley just loved her. I will definitely be moving on with further training with Command and I would recommend you first to anyone looking for training for their dog. Thank you and thank you, Lara!

Ariel & Euphie 27/7/18 Basic Obedience

Lara was absolutely fantastic to have as an instructor. I was a bit disappointed to hear that she doesn’t do intermediate training at Richmond (understandable).

Cindy C & Henry 19/7/18 Basic Obedience

I found the training excellent and really enjoyed the trainers approach to teaching both owners and pups really effective

Debby W & Murphy 1/7/18 Basic Obedience

I would like to thank Armin He is very clear with his instructions, performance required & explaination. He moves around, taking turns of 1:1 with everyone in the group

Lisa H & Moses 29/6/18 Basic Obedience

Thank you for a great 8 weeks. Moses was always VERY excited coming to the classes, although he had become somewhat stubborn in last couple of weeks. Both Moses and I have to work on all we have been taught. Thanks again Armin and all the very best to you ūüôā

Rachel & Bentley 29/6/18 Basic Obedience

Really great training would highly recommend big difference seen in all dogs from session 1

Marnie & Chewie 6/6/18 Basic Obedience

Caroline was a fabulous instructor – clear and concise, great with the dogs and patient with the owners! Always had the explanation as to why we would do things a certain way. Would definitely train with her again.

Britt & Lola 4/6/18 Basic Obedience

Carolyn was fabulous! We had been to another puppy pre school course with another company previously, and learnt SO much more during our time at Command and with Carolyn. She was approachable, friendly, down to earth, and made standing in the cold worth it as we really saw some amazing results with Lola’s progress

Jennifer G & Betty 24/5/18 Basic Obedience

Friends and family have commented how much better behaved Betty is, even after only 8 weeks.

Jane L & Willow 12/5/18 Basic Obedience

I thought the venue very good. Armin was very protective of the group not allowing any distractions – children, bicycles, etc – to disturb us. Thank you for an excellent course

Elisha & Malu 1/5/18 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Thank you. Puppy preschool assister us to get on the same page about training and boundaries for our puppy

Jennifer S & Barney 30/4/18 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Thank you Lisa and Basil for your assistance and creating such a friendly  environment for us to learn in!

Julie & ARchie 26/4/18 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Archie had a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed his time at kinder training. He’s looking forward to moving up!

Debby W & Murphy 14/4/18 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Armin did a fantastic job of meeting our needs. Each week we covered a number of basic skills & also had opportunity to ask questions & get help specific to our situation


Jacinta D & Chewie 29/3/18 Basic Obedience

Many thanks to Lisa. She’s a great instructor & happily helps everyone. My 13 year old daughter took the training each week with our dog & she enjoyed it. Lisa is a firm, fair, approachable & fabulous instructor. Thank you.

Michelle D & Fitz 26/3/19 Basic Obedience

A huge thank you to Lisa for her patience and clear explanations of everything – she is amazing!!!!

Sue B & Gus 26/3/18 Basic Obedience

I feel confident I will follow the strategies and lessons suggested by Karen. The improvement in Gus’s behavor, particularly on walks and barking at fron door has been amazing.

Nicoletta & Arnie 8/3/18 Basic Obedience

Basil your professionalism and experience was great which has helped us manage Arnie.

Marianne & Queso 3/2/18  Kindergarten Puppy Training

It was a pleasure being in the class! I got many useful tips and tricks for correcting bad behavior and starting better ones.

Nadine & Chopper 25/11/17 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Karen was fantastic and very helpful with any questions we had

Luke & Manuka 6/11/17 Basic Obedience

Great service and training. This is our third dog we’ve put through and alway happy with the outcome. Thanks guys. 👍

Catherine R & Bobby 13/9/17 Basic Obedience

Lynn was fantastic. I feel a lot more confidence in getting Bobby under control. I just need perseverance and practise. Many thanks for always taking the time to explain and demonstrate.

Christian H & Ernie 12/9/17 Basic Obedience

This was fantastic. We’ve been to a couple of trainers, and you were by far the best

Brigid D & Linda 11/9/17 Basic Obedience

You are all terrific. As a dog handler, I’m the one who needs to improve.¬†Command is the absolute BEST training school. This is my 3rd dog and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Meg R & Poppy 16/6/17 Basic Obedience

Lynne explained everything fully, we could ask questions at any point which were always answered fully. More importantly she was patient but firm, which is what I wanted.

I watched myself & everyone else different people, different dogs & the program worked for us all. The program is clear, we just need to put the work in, simple .

Martin N & Scarlet 4/5/17 Basic Obedience

Great Trainers, always ready to help owners with questions. Armin is doing a great job.   Very good atmosphere at training

Rhiannon and Bruce with Bindi. 13/4/17 Basic Obedience

It was personal as well as group-based. I learned more about myself than I did about Bindi.¬†¬†Armin was fantastic and answered questions whenever we had them. Basil‚Äôs group communication kept me in the loop and connected ‚Äď you have both been brilliant in fulfilling your roles.

Armin’s strength is his ability to communicate. He is stern but completely fair and has great humour and patience! He allows you to see for yourself before commenting and steps in when required. His honesty is incredibly welcomed in a situation like this as I learned that it is more about the person than the dog. We are the ones who need training. I have attended various other training classes and this was by far the most valuable.

Robyn H & Maggie 18/12/16 Basic Obedience

Maggie is my second dog with Command & I love your training,method ‚Äď did try a totally positive method for a short time with Maggie (as recommended by vet nurse) but not for us ‚Äď she needs (still) a firmer hand.

Alex D and James S with Bonnie & Sargent 15/11/16 Basic Obedience

Always provided good customer service and were prompt in returning messages etc. Having small classes inside allowed us to hear the trainer clearly and practice routines more than once which was good.

I have recommended Command Dog training to several owners of new puppies and will continue to recommend the services as it has met our needs as pet owners.

Charles H & Peanut 22/7/16 Basic Obedience

I have found Command Dog Training to be excellent. Each of the team members I have spoken to is professional, friendly and very helpful. A good way to gauge how good you are is to see the difference you make in the dogs you provide training for. In our case, we have animals who now behave very differently, thanks to you.

You seem to have a knack of giving the dog owners more confidence too, which the animals sense and which helps them behave better.

When I have come to you with a problem, you listen to my problem, ask questions to check out the problem, and provide specific, practical solutions to help me (and the dog) fix the problem. And the solutions work well!

Ros B & Minnie 4/9/16 Basic Obedience Course

I really enjoyed my time in this course.  My rescue dog has come a long way during the eight weeks.  However, she has not yet achieved the level of sociability I require of her.  I can appreciate that rescue dogs present a unique challenge for owners and trainers.  Can I suggest that some classes that are targeted towards the needs of rescue dogs could be of benefit to many?

Thanks heaps for your help and support with my beautiful dog.  Carolyn, I’m very grateful for your support and encouragement.  It has made this journey easier!

Vaye D & Po 28/7/16 Basic Obedience Class

It was my first time attending this class so had no idea what to expect. Staff were attentive, helpful and gave pointers where needed. All staff  are professionally trained and quick to correct incorrect behaviour in a gentle manner. They were adaptable to surroundings and different types of dogs. The program is clear and easy to understand. Armin was clear and easy to follow.


Eransha F & Kayla 5 /10/16 Basic Obedience Class

Very happy with the training¬† and excellent¬† work by Armin…Kayla has improved¬† so much since day one and I’m very happy¬† with her progress.thanks Armin and Basil¬† for organising¬† this ..keep up the good work

Kristine M & Chong 26/9/16 Basic Obedience Class

Chong has improved dramatically.   As a rescue dog he has learnt a lot in a short amount of time and is a dramatically different dog when we are out walking etc to a couple of months ago.   He was constantly pulling on the lead and deciding when he wanted to obey commands.  He is now much more relaxed , walks happily on the lead and follows basic commands.  He still has a lot to learn.   However, what he (and us)  has learnt in 8 weeks is great.

Hanna C & Baelish 25/9/16 Basic Obedience Class

Would love to thank Billy and everyone else so much for their time and effort, it was a fantastic course and everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We feel that Baelish has improved so much since starting and completing the course so it was definitely well worth it. Billy was great with the dogs and knew a lot about our breed which was fantastic. It was a great balance of learning and fun. We will definitely be enrolling in the intermediate course. Thank you!

Ros B & Minnie 4/9/16 Basic Obedience Class

I really enjoyed my time in this course.  My rescue dog has come a long way during the eight weeks.  However, she has not yet achieved the level of sociability I require of her.  I can appreciate that rescue dogs present a unique challenge for owners and trainers.  Can I suggest that some classes that are targeted towards the needs of rescue dogs could be of benefit to many?

Thanks heaps for your help and support with my beautiful dog.  Carolyn, I’m very grateful for your support and encouragement.  It has made this journey easier!

Lisa S & Harley 8/6/16 Basic Obedience

Thank you to all, we feel we have a great grounding to achieve a disciplined & happy dog and feel motivated to continue training at home as we now have the knowledge needed to do this and confidence that the skills we have learnt actually lead to results. We were surprised how quickly Harley responded if we dedicate that little amount of time each day. Very motiving. Thank you especially to Jess and Karen.


Tom A & Chloe 4/5/16 Basic Obedience Class

This is a great program, really effective, that teaches both dog an handler how to get the best out of each other. I have already recommended it to friends and family, and look forward to continuing Chloe’s training in the future.

Katie W and Frankie 12/4/16 Basic Obedience Class

Dear Basil,

I have decided not to attend the last two classes of the Basic Obedience Course as my husband and I are finding that the information and skills we have learnt are having a fantastic result on Frankie, who is responding well. As we are not intending to undertake further obedience training, completing the assessment is not particularly relevant.

I would like to thank you for your flexibility and assistance and congratulate you on the outstanding and professional training school that you run. I will recommend you to anyone seeking obedience training for their dog.

Kind regards,

Katie W


Sara Hale

Events Coordinator ‚Äď Pet Expo Allnutt Park, Sunday 20 March 2016, 10am-4pm

Glen Eira City Council

Hello Basil,

I trust this email finds you well and all members of Command Dog Training arrived home safe and sound after the big day of the Glen Eira Party Pet Expo.

Firstly, I must say it has been an absolute pleasure working with you over these past few weeks.  Your efforts and love of your training and sport shows through your performances and dedication.

On behalf of the Glen Eira City Council team and myself, I’d like to say a very big thank you to everyone from your team for participating as one of the amazing Demonstration Arena performances.  Your efforts and attendance at the Pet Expo, Allnut Park have most defiantly added to the success and positive feedback received on the day as well to that we have continued to receive post event.  Please can you pass on my personal thank you to everyone for working so hard to put in the extra effort to interact with the community.

An estimated 8,500 plus people attended and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from both the members of the public, as well as our new CEO ‚Äď Rebecca McKenzie and local Councillors who also attended the event.

I wish you and all the Command Dog Training team all the best for your year ahead.

Lisa A. & Stanley 10/3/16 Kindergarten Puppy Training

I just want to thank Basil for all the help with my puppy.   At times I thought that I wouldn’t be able to change Stanley’s bad habits, however Basil suggested different ways of dealing with them and they have really helped. I will continue with obedience school because Stanley still needs some work. Can’t wait to start!!!!

I also love that I can email Basil at any time, he is quick to respond and more than willing to help me out.  I had so many questions and i was never ever made to feel like they were silly or that I was asking too many.  thank you so very much!!!!


Melissa M & Tina 21/2/16 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Tina and I had a fantastic time at the basic obedience course with Billy! We learnt a lot and liked the way the course built on our skills each week. We also liked the assessment at the end as it was good to get feedback on how we were going.

Billy was very calm, friendly and helpful. He knew each of our dogs really well and targeted specific instructions/advice to our particular dog and questions. The group of people in the class and dogs were wonderful and the whole experience was very positive. Looking forward to intermediate level!


Linda H & Joey 20/2/16 Basic Obedience Class

Billy was a wonderful instructor, he was so patient and understanding.  Our dog is very difficult and can be anti social yet with the help of yourself and Billy we gained understanding and skills.



David C. & Charlie 10/11/15 Basic Obedience Class

Great course.  Enjoyed coming each week and could see real positive changes in our dog.  Thanks

Tracey T. & Archie 10/11/15  Basic Obedience Class

I particularly like the smaller classes that you offer.  It provides more one on one rather than being in larger classes that other obedience schools offer. I also like the time toward the end of the class when we all have the problem solving chats.  They are really helpful.  This is the second time I have used this programme for my dogs. The first was back in 1996 for puppy training and then basic obedience and our dog we had at that time a kelpie cross, even won a trophy for most obedient . We were extremely happy with your service back then and was very happy to see that the business was still going strong all these years later when we got another dog that required training.  Thank you for your service you provide Basil I couldn’t be happier with how Archie is doing now.  Keep up the great work.

Kaaran C. &  George Date 16/09/2015. Basic Obedience Class

Thanks Basil – Even though George still hates the head halter and continues to try to take it off, it has changed our daily walks completely. He now sits at each street almost without any of us having to tell him to. He let’s people walk past without trying to jump all over them too which makes a morning walk far more relaxing than 2 months ago.

Amelia H, Sam E & Tilly Date 11/02/2015. Kindergarten Puppy Training

Basil is great! So friendly, helpful and it’s obvious he has genuine love for dogs! Tilly responded very well to Basil as did we. Super impressed! Tilly has become a very well behaved puppy which makes for happy parents! We are looking forward to starting the next course!

Ric L with Scout 11/5/15 Basic Obedience

We enjoyed a lifetime of having a well behaved dog after having our older dog trained with Command 16 years ago.  Definitely worth doing! Billy was great.  An absolute delight to work with.

Jane T with Geordie 18/4/15 Kindergarten Puppy Training

 Carolyn did a wonderful job supporting all the handlers on an individual basis. No question or concern was too small or trivial. Carolyn was particularly helpful with my concerns about play between the new puppy and established dog. And I know that I can still contact Command if I have any further worries. I have told many people about my training experiences at Command with Zoe, Hugo, Bronte and now Geordie. Approximately 19 years. All positive!

My Veterinary Clinic (which is wonderful) hoped I might attend their puppy classes this time, but I even though I’m sure they do a good job there was no way I was going anywhere other than Command.

I would just like to thank Carolyn for her teaching skills, patience and understanding with all members of our puppy class (human and canine). It was a really positive experience.

Sarah F with Betty  27/3/15 Basic Obedience

Karen was very professional and offered lots of good advice to us during the course. We persevered with the nose halter on her recommendation and it has made a big difference to Betty’s behaviour.¬†We really enjoyed the classes and it was a fun and positive atmosphere to train in!¬†We will be enrolling in the next stage and are looking forward to continuing training.

Melissa K with Lola 19/.05/2015 Basic Obedience

Many thanks to Lynne. She was knowledgeable, practical and had a sense of humour ‚Äď always important!

Lu H with BB 22/5/2015 Basic Obedience

Dear Basil, Lynne and rest of the team, Hope you are all well. We used to attend classes with Lynne at Richmond with BB our miniature dachshund, and last year we unfortunately relocated back to the UK. Six weeks ago we bought home a second four legged friend and are embarking (no pun intended) on training again. Over this past year we have not forgotten our training with Lynne, and often think, “what would Lynne say”, it keeps us, and BB, on the straight and narrow! I only wish we were still in Richmond to attend Lynne’s classes, the training has been invaluable, and we always enjoyed the evening and our other class mates, this next trainer has a lot to live up to ūüôā Please will you say hello to Lynne from us, she may not remember us it seems a life time ago now. Many thanks.

Thea G & Chris L with Sasquatch 25/05/2015

We found that Lynne gave very clear instructions about how to continue our training with command.  We have learned a lot about training our dog in this period of time and look forward to continuing working on it with our dog.


Amanda F& Peter R with Sir Basil of Brunswick, otherwise known as Basil  06/03/14   Basic Obedience

Having used Command Dog Training 13 years ago for Billie & Minka (deceased) I was looking forward to the format of the program and was not disappointed.  The same high standards still apply. Karen and Kathy have exceptional interpersonal skills and demonstrated patience and kindness, not to mention a breadth of knowledge of the doggy world. Always courteous, always helpful.  Karen and Kathy always made time at the end of the lesson to answer general questions from the class and this was most appreciated as we picked up lots of tips. A colleague has recently enrolled his puppy at Richmond.  I was very happy to pass on my positive comments re our recent experience.

 Yuki K with Aska 1/4/2014 Basic Obedience

Hi Basil, I would like to thank for the usual wonderful training class with your organization.  And I would like to give a special thanks to Kathy who has given a beneficial time during the last 8 weeks basis classes.  Her wealth of knowledge of dog training, capabilities of instructing and monitoring each individual dog/handler is a great asset for you.  Thank you again!

 Maria L with Romeo 10/4/2014 Basic Obedience

I signed up for the course because Romeo (an ex-show dog) had not been properly socialised and he had not been outside very much.  Consequently, he would lunge at people and other dogs when we went for walks.  Being around other dogs and the discipline of obedience training has greatly improved his behaviour, so I feel that attendance has been a success. Everyone has been very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Danielle M with Elijah Date 17/07/2014 Basic Obedience

Thank you all for the experience for both myself & Elijah. The training methods and advice were extremely valuable. We have both gained more confidence and the classes enabled me to try new things with Elijah. I would definitely like to continue to the next level.

Lachy and Lachlan with Charlie 25/11/2014

We didn’t really know what to expect of puppy training school but we’ve learned some good basics to continue to build on and had a great time doing it. Lynne was more than happy to offer personal assistance with particular issues with Charlie, as well as with the other dogs in our group. Lynne also made a point of not playing favourites with the different dogs in the group and always had something positive to say. The overall level of service we received was excellent. We enjoyed that everything was run professionally, but also casually enough that everyone felt comfortable. We would definitely recommend Command to others (and in fact, we already have). It is conveniently located and we always received friendly and down to earth service. Thanks so much!


Stephanie L with Nahla 5/2/2013 Basic Obedience

Lynne was a wonderful teacher, she is very patient and explains things in a clear and concise way which is easy to understand, and helped me understand my dog more

Lyn B with Arya 24/2/2013 Basic Obedience

Lynne was great. She was always willing to take the time to provide advice on our individual problems and has obviously had a lot of experience with many different kinds of dogs which she was happy to share with us.  Each session was an extremely positive experience.

Melissa H with Barney 14/3/13  Basic Obedience

Barney and i have both really enjoyed the classes. Barney gets excited when i gather his school stuff so i know he enjoys it…¬† I’ve found it¬†easy to follow and a positive experience (a previous dog training experience was not ‘fun’ at all…).¬† We’ll be back for the intermediate class.

Sunday B with Kelly 14/03/13 Basic Obedience

Being allowed to participate in the class with an anti-social 3year old rescue dog in the first place is enough personal assistance for me. I felt that Basil was monitoring Kelly for her specific needs not just trying to get her inline with the others. I don’t feel we are being judged for being different which I think would have happened if we had gone to another type of school.

I know that Basil is aware of my story with Kelly and I would like to make the following suggestion: When we first got Kelly we thought she was fine with dogs, following a bad incident she got worse and continued to decline. Once you have adopted a dog you are left to your own devices by the RSPCA and other shelters. I tried calling the RSPCA and they didn’t respond, called back 4 days later and then Indicated I was a horrible owner if my dog was changing her personality since coming home.

If there is anyway to get your advertising out there¬†promoting¬†assistance to people with rescue dogs I think it would be a great success. ¬†There are many puppy schools and trainers out there, but not anyone that says your adult rescue dog is welcome here. I knew I would be frowned upon if I had taken her to puppy school and she was so much bigger than a puppy and growling at other dogs. We wasted a lot of money on a¬†behaviorist who got us no where. If not for Simon at dog zone being so accepting of Kelly and then recommending Basil I would never have found Command. I think the truth about¬†rescue¬†dogs needs to be out there on the web. Yes adopting is great, save a life, it’s not easy, the¬†usual¬†classes don’t fit you, let people know if they go to command dog issues aren’t frowned upon they are dealt with. So many people are adopting dogs that have been¬†rescued¬†from puppy farms, they even note it next to the dogs name on some shelter websites. All these people will most likely find their new dog isn’t socialized which will result in either someone getting hurt, the dogs being locked away in a backyard or being returned to the shelter making them even more¬†traumatized. Command has helped Kelly and our family so much in just two weeks. I wish everyone with a shelter dog could find you.

I have already suggested to almost everyone I know to try the dog school if they want to improve their pets. I think it’s a great¬†approach¬†and really focuses on teaching the person how to handle the animal no blaming the animal.

Natasha B with Mike 07/03/2013 Basic Obedience

I’ve achieved more with my dog than I initially thought possible and have gained a lot of confidence with him, given that he is a rescue dog and I’ve only had him a couple of months. I was pleased how my concern about the possibility of the chest collar breaking was dealt with, which led me to the idea of adding a safety chain to it

Amanda G with Hudson      07/03/13 Basic Obedience

We’ve both really enjoyed the course and it’s a lovely mix of both people and dogs. Carolyn monitors everyone that is in the class and identifies any issues (normally the handlers issue not the dogs!) and shows you very clearly how to correct the issue so the dogs don’t get confused. I know I appreciate that as it stops bad habits from forming. All staff I had contact were great. Offered advice without being patronising, replied to emails regarding classes within a 24hr period, sold products at a reasonable cost.

Joe H with Tilly 09/04/2013. Basic Obedience

Lynn is fantastic.  We are going into Intermediate in Richmond just so we can continue working with her.  Cant praise her enough. We love the smaller class sizes so everyone gets attention from the instructors while still progressing through the material efficiently.  Would definitely recommend to others.

Christine M with Kimba 11/4/13 Basic Obedience

We really appreciated Kathy’s patient and gentle way of teaching.¬†I found my dog responded very well to her and I enjoyed all the classes.¬†We look forward to continuing our training at your school

Lisa K with Makita 2/5/2013 Basic Obedience

I do think that having the course in a park where other dogs can come and go and there are plenty of everyday distractions is great,  it helps to gauge how well the puppy is actually listening.  (in my case not so much, but we’ll get there)

Janelle W Jemima 04/05/13 Kindergarten Puppy Training

It was fantastic. I am very happy with the program. I think Command Dog Training is excellent value and seeing the other classes running has inspired me to continue with the training

Celine J with Monte 01/05/2013 Basic Obedience

Keep up the great work, Basil. You are the reason why Command Dog Training School is brilliant! We already recommend! So hopefully our friends, neighbours &/or family who have dogs will enrol at your school in the near future.

Anne M with Bonnie 6/5/13 Basic Obedience

Both the family and our dog enjoyed the program.  But I think for a stubborn, head-strong Scottish Terrier, it’s going to take longer on each exercise before moving on to learn new things.


Lynelle J & Andrew W with Sophie 18/06/2013 Basic Obedience

Andrew and I have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Command Dog training at Dogzone. Although we have had an interrupted course due to Sophie’s illnesses, we have seen a dramatic improvement in her behaviour (even after the first lesson) and feel that we could not have been given any better training. The only think left now is for us to keep up with consistent training and messages. I feel that we have learnt the methods to deal with most of her unfavourable behaviours and even our 10 year old has better response with her. Thank you for all your help.

Alyssa S with Archie 24/06/2013 Basic Obedience

We found it to be a fantastic service. We enjoyed how our puppy could socialize in a safe environment whilst also learning skills

 Rachel D with Jarrah 5/7/13 Basic Obedience

I really enjoyed the course and enjoyed doing things with my dog, staff were really friendly and it was easy to make up the session I couldn’t attend (you should advertise that you can make up sessions, solved a few problems for me)

Liz K with Reggie 17/7/13 Basic Obedience

Very much appreciated being able to fit in to finish lessons at a second course, after missing a few. Email correspondence has been great, forms easy to fill in and clear.  Jess and Basil both willing to give individual ideas just for Reggie, most helpful. I like the fact lessons were on Saturdays.  Appreciated being able to buy the appropriate training collar at the venue.  Showbag was a nice touch too.

Sharon T with Riley and Hanna 09/08/2013 Basic Obedience

The program exceeded expectations. The change in training methods since the 1998 when we had our other two Springer‚Äôs go through the course was enormous….. ¬†easy to teach both US and the dogs. ¬† Lynne created fun for us all looked forward to coming each week. First thing Lynne did before we began each evening was ask how training was going; any issues and we all learned then from others experiences. ¬†Also took the time to show how to correct immediately, then onto the night‚Äôs training. Always available to assist with training issues at the end also.

Marta F with Lola 9/10/13 Home Session

Hi Basil

Just thought I would let you know that Lola has improved dramatically, on Sunday I had 6 friends here whom she would normally jump all over, I had asked each of them to ignore, and growl if she jumped. Lola greeted everyone but did not jump on anyone, she responds to ‚Äúcome‚Ä̬† and I have noticed what a difference the raised tone in my voice makes to her response.

Oliver is now one of the team and walks and plays freely with Lola who appears to love him and protect him from Jacko if Jacko barks at him. It turns out Jacko has the shorter fuse but generally ignores him. Oliver is now at puppy school, had his first lesson on Saturday, he ran through tunnels, suspended bridges and up & down man made hills without any fear just running beside me.

Lola will start obedience training on Saturday after puppy school. I will bring Jacko back to you as I still need to look at his protective behaviour & nipping at people to keep them from me.

Thank you for coming down here it has made an enormous difference to all 3 dogs.

Kind regards

Marta F from Tynong

Sabrina A with Bailey 14/10/ 2013  Basic Obedience

Prior to our class participation Bailey has been difficult for us to handle as it is our first dog in the family.  Kathy has showed us many ways to treat Bailey in order to be effective in handling him. Kathy has been wonderful in engaging my 11 yr old daughter to train Bailey.  My daughter is now a better trainer to Bailey than I am. The number of participants in a class is excellent. This small class of 6 is fantastic to enable everyone to ask questions and individual query answered on the spot.

Jo W with Indy 18/10/2013

Lyn was a terrific support and always eager to help and pass on her wisdom. I was very happy with the service; the duration was perfect ‚Äď not too long and not too short for both the course and each session. I look forward to the next step.¬† This training is invaluable for us as Indy comes to the Nursing Home (my place of work) every day hence the necessity for obedience.¬† I thank you so much for all that you have taught us already

Teresa M. with Tashi 28/10/2013 Basic Obedience

Tashi and I enjoyed the classes.  We have attended other training classes in the past and found this one to be superior.  In particular having small classes with the same trainer, and also being able to watch as Kathy took the lead and showed us how, rather than just telling us.  Also she is very observant and knowledgeable about the different challenges and personalities of the dogs.  I am so very pleased we came to this class and plan to continue on to the next level

Heather L & Clancy 3/11/2013. Basic Obedience

Was particularly impressed with the personal service everyone received and the instructor’s ability to remember names and individual details. With clear and easy to understand instructions, any problems were resolved early. it was everything that was promised in promotional material

Julie & Bella B with Daisy and Ralphie 4/10/2013. Basic Obedience

I have recommended the course to others.  It’s really valuable and very easy to follow.  Basil is very informative and encouraging, particularly with Bella who is only 12 and kids sometimes need instructions repeated a few times before they get it.


Natalie H with Charlie 25/06/2012 Basic Obedience

We were having a lot of issues w Charlie taking possessions which were not his, resulting in me getting frustrated and Charlie angry. After attending even a few sessions we noticed a big difference as Michelle taught me how to use my voice and tones to control the situation. Whilst I still would not feel comfortable taking the item straight from Charlie’s mouth, I feel a lot more confident knowing that I can get the item from Charlie by not getting frustrated myself and in using a command for Charlie to come so that he leaves the item. (this seems to have worked 90% of the time) Charlie and I really enjoyed the training

Sally B with Rosie 02/07/2012 Kindergarten Puppy Training

Hi Basil. Thanks for a great few weeks at training.¬† Rosie is continuing well this week.¬† She travelled safely to Stawell in the car for 3 hours.¬† We bought her a great new carrier which she loved and no toilet stops!¬† Loved the farm too – didn’t stop running for two days!

We would love to come back to you for Basic Obedience but am trying to manoeuvre to see whether it is possible with our kid commitments on Saturdays. Website great, very responsive to emails, very personalised at training so no complaints

Pauline M with Claude 09/07/2012 Basic Obedience

This is my second interaction with Command Dog Training and I am very happy with the whole experience.  Karen takes this current class and she is perfect for the role.  She is personable, effective in both her instructions and by example which demonstrates a strong but happy control necessary for success.  Classes provide the dogs with a complex setting away from home to reinforce their concentration and obedience. It is a pleasure to encounter such a good customer oriented business.

Adam M &Hannah D with Jubjub 09/07/12 Basic Obedience

Our instructor was great, we will definitely be continuing with her into intermediate

 Mark M with Lenny 18/7/2012 Basic Obedience

Lynne was great and I look forward to learning from her in the Intermediate program.

TASH G with JESSE Date 21/08/ 2012 Basic Obedience

Karen was very helpful and friendly. She would listen to everyone’s personal situations and would assist accordingly.¬†I found the course really interesting and helpful. I would most definitely recommend this school to anyone.

Angela A with Banquo  24/08/2012 Basic Obedience

Karen is a fantastic instructor and really helped me a lot, I’m so glad I did the course and my dog loved going to training.

 Lorraine K with Pixie 10/12/2012 Basic Obedience

Yes, I always mention to people that I am taking my dogs to Command as it is the best dog training school in Melbourne, I always mention how good my training experiences were 18 years ago and even today just completing the basic course again was most helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Karen was a great teacher and I would recommend her highly.


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