5 Tips for establishing leadership with your dog.


  1. Don’t Anthropomorphise your dog. They are not human and do not possess our intellect or reasoning abilities. Talking to them in sentences and expecting them to understand you is a recipe for misunderstanding and confusion.
  2. Basic Obedience Training is a must in order to create a better bond with your dog but also to help establish yourself as Pack Leader.
  3. Control your dog’s resources i.e. food, toys, rewards etc. Never give a reward to your dog for the sake of it. Only reward if they have completed a task or even a simple exercise such as SIT or DROP. Discourage begging at the dinner table.
  4. Teach your dogs to come inside the house on your terms. Teach them to wait till you give permission with a key word such as IN. Then to go to their BED or MAT until you provide a release word such as FREE.
  5. Correct bad behaviour immediately by a growl or deep NO or even AH! Immediately reward if they have complied with praise GOOD DOG, patting but sparingly with a treat.


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