update! New classes at all Venues enrolling now.



Hi all. In light of the 6 week lock-down from midnight tonight, we must suspend all our group classes from midnight of 8 July until restrictions are lifted once again.

This means that all Basic Obedience Courses will be suspended and then resumed from the week they were suspended on when we return.

All Intermediate to Advanced Classes will be suspended and resume again once restrictions are lifted.

However, for all these classes we will be on hand to assist via email, Zoom or just a phone call if needed. You won’t be left on your own I can assure you of this.

All Kindergarten Puppy Classes will be suspended. If you have already commenced KPT we will credit you the remainder of your course to a Basic Obedience Course.
For those pups which haven’t started but are enrolled to start, we understand the importance of establishing sound early behaviours. Therefore, we will run Zoom sessions to get you through this during the pup’s critical periods. Our Instructor Team is meeting tonight after final classes to discuss the best way forward. Again I can assure you all that we will be here to assist you with your baby puppy issues.

New dog or puppy owners, we will be offering Private Session Programs as during the first lock-down of 30 minutes per session duration. More info on this tomorrow.

We will help you all get through this and assist as much and as best we can.

Please be patient we will have solutions for all of you.

Best wishes

Command Dog Training School Team