update! New classes at all Venues enrolling now.



We have commenced our Private Session Programs for new customers wishing to have their pups trained in our Kindergarten Puppy Programs and for those older pups/dogs in our Basic Obedience Programs.

These sessions will be limited to two venues only. Outdoors at Blackburn English Language School, Burwood East on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings and Indoors at Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare, Abbotsford, Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. For more info, go to https://dogtraining.com.au/contact/

The information on outdoor gatherings that was printed last Thursday stated “Personal Training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants including the instructor”

We have researched further and found this was wrong.

The correct rule states: “ Personal training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants, in addition to the instructor”.(follow this link for more details at the DHHS’ website>>>>).

Therefore, at our outdoor facilities as of now we will be allowing two pups with one handler per pup for our Private Puppy Programs and two dogs with one handler per dog for our Private Basic Obedience Programs. This will enable us to add distraction training and sociability exercises such as meet’n’greet which is integral to our group sessions.

For our indoor facility at Hoochy Poochy Doggy Day-care, Abbotsford, we can still only have one handler per pup at any one time. However, to enable sociability exercises, our 30 minute session will be broken down with 20 minutes indoors for the core of the training and then 10 minutes out doors with the next rostered pup and handler for the sociability component before that handler and pup moves indoors for their 20 minutes core part of the training.

We believe this will provide the best possible balance for your pups during their critical period of development (birth – 16 weeks of age).
When restrictions are lifted, we will implement our pre-COVID-19 programs.

If you have any queries, please contact us 9877 6522 or email: [email protected]