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This is by far one of the most common behavioural problems dog owners seem to experience not just in Melbourne but across our planet. You take your dog to the park and let him off for a play. After a little while you call him and… he ignores you. Then you start yelling and screaming demanding that he comes back …. COME HERE NOW!! Again he ignores your yelling and screaming. By now you are becoming frustrated, angry and also embarrassed that your dog is ignoring you. I mean, how dare he. You then start the chase. You beginning trying to round him up, diving and lunging at him as he runs past you but to no avail. Finally, after 10 minutes or so he returns to you and instead of being greeted, you grab him and tell him off or worse, you smack him. Now you think to yourself, he understands he was wrong but the very next day the cycle repeats. Why you ask. Doesn’t he get it after yesterday’s punishment? Well, that’s the point. Dog’s learn by association and so your dog has learnt to avoid you when you yell and scream and chase. You and the word Come have become a Bad Association in your dog’s mind and it will take some time to make amends.

If this sounds like you, try and created a positive experience with the word Come. Only call your dog in a happy and friendly tone. Crouch down as you do it and encourage each small response he gives you. When he does come always reward with either a treat, play, pat and good boy or all of the above. Never call the dog to chastise as this will only lead to your dog avoiding you and not coming when called. If you need further help, enrol in our Basic Obedience Course and start learning how to communicate and train your dog with proven results. Visit us at www.dogtraining.com.au for more info.