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How To Be Your Dog’s Pack Leader

DO you sometimes wonder why your dog jumps up on you, family or friends even though you have told it not to? Does your dog bark to be let in or bark at you when told off? Do you allow your dog to sleep on the bed, couch, or wherever it wants? Does your dog run away when you call it? If the answer to more than one of these questions is yes, it probably means your dog is lacking what we call in training-terms, a “pack leader” in its life. All dogs need one, as it is an inherent part of their life. If your dog does not perceive you the owner as being its “pack leader”, the dog as a matter of instinct, becomes it.

IMG_0391To avoid this pitfall in dog ownership it is imperative to learn and understand clearly how to train them to be the subordinate member of your household (ie the human pack) that forms its family. Giving your precious pooch all the love, affection and pampering, is not enough in its life for it to be happy. It also requires guidance, direction, discipline and consistency in all these areas by the dog owner. Teaching your dog simple exercises such as Sit, lie down and stay will go a long way in establishing who is in charge at home. Further, a simple yet effective means of discipline when your unruly mutt gets out of hand is to put it in time-out for 15 minutes. The time-out area needs to be somewhere the dog has no access to bed, people, toys or other positive things in its life. The toilet is always a good spot. However, remember to take the toilet paper out and close the lid of the toilet, otherwise you may end up with a wet soggy pooch. After 15 minutes or so and only when your dog is quiet, let it out. Ignore it for 10 minutes or so, then quietly praise the dog for being good. By understanding your dog and its behaviour, will perpetuate a happy relationship.