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Home Etiquette Training For Pooch.

This exercise is a must for all pup’s and dogs. The idea is to set boundaries for your dog when it is allowed inside rather than running amok because its been let in. This will teach calmness to your dog as it enters the home.

Firstly place your dog’s bed near the back door or if in an apartment, inside your living room . Ensure you have two types of treats. 1. A high-value chewy treat such as a dried pig’s ear, trotter or similar and some tiny morsel’s of your dog’s favourite treat (dried liver, cooked chicken, cheese etc).

I need to stress here the dog or pup should associate its  bed as a positive experience. Use the following procedure:

  1. Have your pup/dog SIT at the door before you allow him inside (use a treat).
  2. Say the word IN and lure him with a high value and chewy treat to his bed all the while saying BED or “onyabed” but in an encouraging positive tone.
  3. Lure him onto his bed and hold the treat whilst he chews on it continuing with BED and “Good boy “. When he finally settles on his bed to chew the treat, praise again and step away but close enough to react if he tries getting off his bed. (if needed, use a leash to assist).
  4. If he tries to get off, reprimand with AH or NO just a s he steps off but be quick to praise if he responds and then take the chewy treat off him and lure back to his bed repeating step 3.
  5. After 5 minutes, release him with the word FREE or FINISH in a positive tone.
  6. Build up to 10 minutes gradually and then even longer as he gets older.

By doing it this way, the bed becomes a good thing that he is happy to lie on.  However, don’t expect young pups at this age to stay for long bits of time. That will happen over time and with practice.