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Home Training For Problem Dogs In Melbourne

If you are in Melbourne and have a dog with problem behaviour, one approach to solving your dog’s bad behaviour is for a qualified dog trainer to do a home visit. With in-home dog training, a trainer can personalise 3195918374_556198ceb4_za dog training and remedial program for your specific needs. Moreover, an in-home dog training service provides an opportunity for the dog trainer to see first hand what behavioural problems your dog is showing in the environment it lives. Armed with this insight, your in-home dog trainer will teach you how to best manage your dog with a blend of training methods to suit you and your wayward hound. Typically an in-home dog training program should run for at least three sessions and if needed, a follow up session down the track. However, successful training is a team effort. Your in-home dog trainer will teach you the steps but you the dog owner must practice what you are taught on a daily basis to achieve positive results. When selecting an in-home dog trainer or company, always look for accreditation and qualifications. The leading industry body is the AAPDT Inc (Australian Association of Professional Dog Trainers). Furthermore, Dog Trainers Australia is a registered training organisation that provides benchmark training for dog trainers and instructors.