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Training is a bonding experience between a trainer and their dog, not simply executing commands , such as teaching a dog to sit or drop. Dog training is teaching a dog to understand certain sounds that an owner will make and teaching the dog what they mean and how to do them. To get this result a trainer must understand to some extent how a dogs mind works. If a dog has no bond with a handler it is less likely to listen to and respect this person, and will see no need to obey a command unless it receives some form of reward such as praise/food/play. This tells us that dogs don’t follow commands simply to make someone happy, a dog will respond to a command to make itself feel good. In order to get this result, one must begin training with bond building exercises such as controlled play, feeding and walking under low level distractions. This will gradually build a bond between a handler and its dog, making it a great companion and friend. Although building a relationship with your dog begins by teaching it the basic foundation of how a handler trains his/her dog, it is not the only sole way to get results.
In order to gain your dogs respect, you must also show the dog respect in a way that always allows it to keep its dignity.Often people over-correct their dog when the dog has no idea of what its owner wants or the dog has simply shut down because of its confusion and stress. This may cause a dog to respond slower to training and/or hurt the dog. We recommend people take their dog to obedience classes and find their own style of training which works best for the dog and the owner, while being supervised by professional dog training instructor. This will limit the possibility of the dog owner making common mistakes such as nagging, bribing or over-correcting. A professional trainer should be able to spot these mistakes and teach the correct way to handle a dog. Having said this, training is not merely giving commands, but building a relationship and understanding between you and your dog.