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Importance of Indoor Dog Training in Melbourne

The days when dogs would live in their kennel – out in the backyard, isolated from the family – are quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more frequently, pet owners in Melbourne are taking advantage of indoor dog training services, training their dogs to live indoors with them as an important part of the family unit – sometimes even letting them sleep in their beds. Over time, however, things have changed quite significantly.

Years ago, letting your dog regularly stay inside the family home – let alone keeping them there on a permanent basis, as well as giving them their own ‘bathroom corner’ – was uncommon and unheard of. Dogs had, for generations, always been considered protectors of the home – of valuables, of property, and of family members. They could be a mate, perhaps even a companion – but never a solidified, integral member of the family. They stayed outside, played outside, did their business outside – they were a strictly outdoor presence. Today, dogs sleep indoors, and spend most of their time indoors – lounging about on the family sofa, even cuddling up to their owners in the home’s largest bed! In stark contrast to the attitudes of yesteryear, dog owners now firmly consider their pets an important and established part of the family unit. The increasing prevalence of smaller families might also have resulted in owners lavishing their pets with more love, care, and affection than ever before.

Thanks to indoor dog training, you can keep your canine companion happy and healthy without having to brave the harsh colds of a Melbournian Winter, or suffer through the scorching heat of Summer in Melbourne. There are also additional benefits and creature comforts for both owners and their pets to enjoy.

Having your dog trained to live indoors means:

  • Your dog can be kept comfortably cool when it’s hot, and nice and warm when it’s cold. There’s no need to venture out onto the front lawn or into the backyard when they don’t want to.
  • They can effectively alert you to a stranger approaching the home – an indoor guard dog means there’s more chance of them protecting what’s inside the house, rather than just the backyard.
  • They’re always there – close-by, if need be – whenever you might feel the need to have someone to talk to, touch, or feel love and affection from. Pets make great companions.
  • They quickly become a core member of the family – an ideal, nurturing presence for children.
  • You can easily spot when your pet isn’t feeling 100% or their behaviour has changed, seeking medical help sooner than you might have if they lived outdoors.
  • Acquiring health benefits: spending time with your dog effectively reduces stress, while growing up with pets can also mean developing fewer allergies.