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Homepage News UPDATE ON CLASS RESUMPTIONS (stats taken from the DHHS website 9 September 2020)

UPDATE ON CLASS RESUMPTIONS (stats taken from the DHHS website 9 September 2020)

With the state government announcement last Sunday that Stage 4 will continue until 28 September (1st STEP). This means we will still be unable to provide any face-to-face training sessions. However, we will continue to provide support through our Zoom Sessions.

We are waiting on replies from the Education Department to authorize the use of our two school-venues again Burwood East and Oakleigh East plus awaiting similar response from City of Port Phillip to resume training at Gasworks Park. Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare at Abbotsford has already OK’d our return pending the DHHS reviews.


Our preliminary investigation shows:

STEP 2. 28 September

Provided an average daily case rate in metro Melbourne of 30 to 50 cases over a 14 day period with public health advice regarding transmission source we enter Stage 2.

What this means:

Exercise and recreation

outdoor recreation – must be within 5km, outdoor personal training allowed with up to 2 people per trainer, outdoor pools open in addition to playgrounds, which are already open
exercise – outdoors, up to two hours per day total, split into a maximum of two sessions
Therefore, If you live within 5 K radius of any of our training venues (Albert Park, Oakleigh East, Burwood East, Blackburn, Abbotsford) you can attend our Private One Instructor per two dog/puppy owners for training. More information on these sessions will be made soon.


STEP 3. 26 October

Provided Daily average number of cases in the last 14 days is less than 5 (state-wide) AND less than 5 cases with an unknown source in the last 14 days (state-wide total)

What this means:

No restrictions on leaving home
Spend time with others outside where possible
Public gatherings: up to 10 people
No curfew so you can travel to any venue for training.

Therefore, all our group classes including (Kindergarten Puppy Training; Basic Obedience; Intermediate to Advanced) at all outdoor venues will resume as usual. Existing classes that were suspended in August will resume at the level they were suspended at. New classes will be created for new customers.

At our indoor venue Hoochy Poochy Doggy Daycare we will resume but with stricter measures in social distancing and number of dog owners restricted per session (we are investigating what this will be).

Home Training Programs will resume but only at a local park not inside a home owner’s property or house.

Private Training Programs will cease.

Last Step: 23 November

CURRENT AFTER 23 NOVEMBER AND: WHEN: There are no new cases for 14 days.

Business as usual but following the latest health advice from DHHS.

This is an interim update and we will provide more information progressively leading up to each Step.

Thank you all for being so patient. Our Instructors Team is chomping at the bit waiting to get out and do what we love doing, training you and your precious pooches.

Best wishes


Basil Theofanides